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The Extraordinary Everyday Marriage Duo!

Do You Love Me…Still?  is a book devoted to marriage and relationships.  We are The Extraordinary Everyday Marriage Duo, Sean and Dorian H. Nash, and hopefully our book inspires and motivates growth in all relationships.  We are not therapists or doctors but we are are simply an everyday couple facing many of the same obstacles you may be facing in your marriage or relationship. We believe that by building a standard of love in our relationship is the key to sustaining a fulfilling and life-long commitment to each other.  And to that end we will continue to spread the message of love, commitment, compassion and vulnerability through our writings.

We share some of our experiences and the lessons we've learned. We believe what makes our relationship extraordinary is the commitment we made to each other to put the work in everyday for our relationship. 

Sean has been a practicing attorney for almost 20 years.  Dorian is the founder and creator of Feed Your Spirit Media, LLC and a Blogger of the same name.  Dorian is also a playwright, writing stories that speak to all humanity.

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What People Have To Say About Do You Love Me Still.

So grateful for this long awaited blessing in the form of a book, "Do You Love Me . . . Still?". This book is an excellent read about making it through the first 7 years of marriage and beyond, with every chapter titled as a song. If you want some REAL insight on COMMUNICATION, RESPECT, HONESTY, LOVE and so much more, please pick up your copy as soon as possible, read it and save your relationship and/or get better prepared for one to come! Thank you Sean & Dorian Nash!

-Tavia J.

“I really enjoyed how uniquely you used music to title your chapters. This book touches on a lot of your personal lives but
this creatively brings out something sweet and loving that the two of you share. Also I feel that your story on how you
both met and the development of your relationship is very cross generational. It has variations of current times given
online dating, to a more traditional sense like meeting the parents to get approval.”

- Cheryl S.

“I had a chance to read two chapters of your book “Do You Love Me . . .Still?” I appreciated how open and forthcoming
you and Dorian were in describing yourselves and the challenges you faced in your 17 years of marriage. I also loved
your stories and so, it made the advice you and Dorian provided that much more “real.” Unlike a book on marriage
advice from a therapist, your book is not preachy. Instead, the chapters I read had words of wisdom from two people who
have had real life experiences and made their marriage work. I believe that people would really benefit from reading
your book.”

- Matthew W.