The Extraordinary Everyday Marriage Duo!


Sean and Dorian H. Nash


How important to you is your marriage?  Do you still love your spouse after 7 months?  7 years?  Share in the real-life stories of an everyday couple who have faced many of the same challenges you’re facing right now!    And how they keep their love alive.

 Sean and Dorian H. Nash have been married over 17 years and have two beautiful daughters, Taylor and Maya.  Today, remaining in love and married is a feat unto itself which they believe after 17 years together qualifies them to have a voice about relationships and marriage. Sean and Dorian offer their unique perspective because as they put it, “We fell in love with each other’s hearts before we laid eyes on one another.”

In their 17 years together, they’ve gone through their share of ups and downs and one thing they noticed as they sought resources for their marriage, was that marriage was talked about in various ways but they couldn’t find any books of depth that spoke to those critical 7 years into marriage.  They have learned to believe that it is vital to build a standard early in your marriage, to build a framework, intended to help protect you from some of the pitfalls you will surely face in life and in your marriage.

That is what you will find in this book.

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