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Do You Love Me...Still? By Sean and Dorian H. Nash

A relationship, like a house needs a solid foundation to succeed, like trust and communication. More than ever, we need practical steps to build an extraordinary relationship. Written by The Extraordinary Everyday Marriage Duo, Sean and Dorian H. Nash, believe that most relationships can be extraordinary if they are willing to put in the work. Join them as they take the reader on a journey through the “sound track” of their love story.

Using the analogy of building a home, they provide practical, easy to understand guidance, and tips on what it takes to sustain a life-long commitment to one other. Join this every day couple as they share their own personal vignettes and the lessons they have learned along the way about relationships, parenting, and each other. They provide an in-depth and easy road map through the obstacles couples face every day while blending their mutual love for music with their love story. Learn to build the “sound track” of your partnership, while strengthening your relationship.